Parking corrals for e-scooters in the North Florida city, Dade getting paid for transit projects, and MADD asks cyclists to tie one on for safety

November 2022

While some EVs have caught fire, no reports of e-scooters have emerged. How real is the danger? Also, the dueling futures of Bird and Helbiz as their…
Also, a push for more rails-to-trails on the west coast and a Good Samaritan comes to the aid of Hurricane Ian victims with free bicycles

October 2022

Miami-Dade is raising, after lowering, speed limits on the dangerous causeway. Also, rapid bus transit comes to St. Pete while bike riding zombies roll…
New Smyrna Beach is looking to ban shared micromobility while Bird could be leaving some, or all, of its markets in the state.
While Pensacola embraces micromobility, Orlando looks to remove a popular stretch of bike lanes. Also, are 4-wheeled scooters allowed on Florida roads?
Hurricane Ian had disastrous effects on the industry and for bicycle owners. Also, Lime is back in Tampa as Key Biscayne ramps up its battle with…

September 2022

The world celebrates Car-Free Day, Fort Myers grapples golf carts and micromobility, and Ford wants to distract drivers with an app
A recent study shows how dangerous SUVs & trucks are, Bird scoots in to Bradenton as Lime tries again in Tampa, and a new pedestrian warning system is…

August 2022

A deep dive into the dangerous road, e-scooter expansion across Florida, and shared micromobility roaring back after the pandemic
As efforts are being made to save Bolt’s fleet of vehicles, Sanibel is banning e-bikes from its beaches and safer battery technology is being explored.
With market growth forecast in the hundreds of billions, micromobility options like e-bikes are starting to catch some heat in the media